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Suspension lamp

Just a stick.

Pau is a Portuguese word used to indicate many things, but its main meaning is just a stick. A stick that could be used as a tool or just a wooden pole, you choose.

But the most important feature is certainly a directionality given by the longitudinal development of the shape, something simple and yet effective in order to give a direction to a product. Likewise, Pau is just a vertical suspension lamp.

Two volumes are connected, emphasizing the ideal components of a suspension lamp: stem and shade are here distinct and bold, yet they speak a common language, where roundness and glossiness are keywords. Indeed, the shiny enamel brightens the colours and makes the curved surfaces even more obvious and catchy.

No gears or plugs are visible: the detailed ceramic shaping makes all those (useful, but ugly) components invisible.

The bulb is exposed in order to maximize light flux, while a shinier-than-ever ceramic enhances its reflections.

Oh, and did you say “coordinated canopy”?




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