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Bedside cabinet lamp

“Die Baducca in S. Paulo”, detail of “Bilder aus dem Menschenleben”

Batucar, a way to survive.

Slavery marked a horrible page in human history, nevertheless it happened basically in every part of the world, along ages. Common to all slaves was music -especially percussions- to celebrate, encourage, remember and mourn.

In Brazil, slaves used to batucar, that is beating a percussion to accompany any kind of event, and this usually happened with the use of the most basic and helpful tool we are born with: hands.

In order to remember those aching hands, I named this lamp Batucada, with an explicit reference to the soul protection those hands provided.

The lamp is made of a single slip-cast ceramic shell, then cut to shape in order to house the socket and the bulb itself. The very narrow opening allows for the only assembly operation and the source installation or replacement: I wanted the light to be contained by the object thus reducing the width of the light beam. A table lamp to be used aside of a bed should feature a subtle light, not a direct flux: that’s why Batucada casts an indirect light upwards and, in case you turn it ninety degrees, it can also provide a more powerful, direct beam where you need it.

The lamp has two distinct behaviours, depending on which side you place it: a direct, brighter light and a reflected, indirect and softer one.

An evenly glazed ceramic makes the light reflect better, and allows the external surface to show its rounded volume. 




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