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Suspension lamp

Home is where a light is.

Light, whatever light we might talk about, always conveys a sense of protection and reassurance, so the reference to a shelter or a hut comes easy.

Surfaces keep chasing each other, generating a multi-leveled profile that better underline the silhouette and provide a certain rhythm to the whole solid. Also, we decided to keep the surface very grainy and matte looking, in order to smooth reflections and increase the natural feeling you get while observing the lamp.

Plugs, technical gears, cable fasteners are all securely hidden from view inside a small recessed area we designed on purpose, so you won’t see anything else than the lamp itself.

The bulb is hidden inside the ceramic lamp, but the bottom opening is quite wide: this means you won’t get dazzled when standing in front of the lamp, but nonetheless you will get a cosy and dramatic flux from top to bottom on the surface, much like it happens with spotlights, you’ll create a light contrast between lit surfaces and shadows. And you like contrasts, don’t you?




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