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Ceramic lamp collection

An all-round.

When I started designing Ayrton I had in mind a clear archetype: the classic globular suspension lamp with down casted light. I tried to work on shape at first, but I ended working on the bottom cut of the main volume, a choice that gives direction to the lamp and can confer a behaviour to the light too. Apart from this, Ayrton is a beautifully casted and glazed piece of ceramic with a double finish that makes it shine and reflect light through a vibrant coloured surface. It was so bright and fast and dynamic when I saw it first that I couldn’t help but naming it Ayrton.

The shiny surfaces make the whole volume pop out and define its silhouette in the space.

Asking a company to have a double finish for your lamp it’s always difficult: two finishes means accurate masking, two cycles of glazing and oven, and basically money spent for an audience that sometimes doesn’t even give a fuss. On the other hand, having a white-ish inner colour allows more light to bounce out of the lamp (and, believe me, with a totally opaque ceramic body, reflecting light is compulsory) and get your environment brighter. Luckily, Ferroluce wasn’t scared by the challenge and took it. The result is a wonderful double colour that totally stands out and casts a wide light on the room it’s hung above.


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