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Art&Creative Direction

I met Ferroluce first in 2018, while attending Light&Building in Frankfürt.

At that time, its catalogue featured two main collections of lamps made in ceramic leaning to a vintage and classical aesthetic.
We agreed upon the fact something more could have been done with the amazing craft skills they showed and we decided one day we had to experiment together.

In 2019, what was just a friendly chat finally materialized in a tight cooperation, when I was asked to design their Euroluce booth, inside the world-known Milan’s furniture show.

The pieces exhibited came from different collection, each one quite different from each other, so the solution I provided was to create smaller thematic area with a consistent interior styling: the booth was very appreciated and we decided to continue our journey together. In particular, both me and the owners wanted to impress a twist to the brand starting a new, more contemporary collection. It was the beginning of Deco lineup.

There was something, in the existing collections, that really seemed close to a tropical setting. The colour palette, the shininess of the ceramic, the spontaneous shapes: everything was so authentic and fresh and bright. I decided then to follow those inspirations and design sincere and self-explaining shapes, without adding too much complication to the ceramic production, which is as honest as it seems. After many months of trials and evaluations, the first lineup was born: a collection of five families of lamps with a strong personality and a consistent storytelling, all mixed up with great production skills and amazing finishes. 

The very first Deco collection was made available in late 2020.







Madame Grés

A consistent new catalogue was edited and published: shot inside a japanese-brazilian environment, it featured the best of the two cultures, a balanced mix of minimal and evocative shapes dipped in a sparkling and colourful panorama. The main goal was at the time explaining how such an innovative collection for the brand could fit into different living situation, so the pictures are quite descriptive and explicit of a real situation, less abstract and graphic.

Reaction from the market had been great, so in 2020 we decided together to extend the lineup with some brand new products and develop a few of the older ones.

This time, seen the fact the new direction had been made clear with the brand’s audience, we decided to be a little more radical and along with ceramics we decided to work on glass too, while keeping the visual approach very characteristic and identifiable.


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