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Suspension Lamp

“When the collection was almost over, we felt something was still missing about the lineup, something cute and made of different parts, like a jewel cascade: in that very moment, Lariat appeared in my mind.”

Lariat is part of a whole new collection that italian lighting brand Ferroluce launched in 2019, a collection mostly designed by me and for which I did the art direction. This lamp is made of different small ceramic beads creating a sense of verticality in the whole lamp. There are three versions and a specific numbers of beads for each, each one in a precise colour and a wonderful, super glossy enamel.

Every single piece compounding the lamp is carefully casted, dried and dyed by hand in Italy.

MIZUKI lariat pearl choker

Lariat Jewel


The idea was having a set of small beads that had to seem hung from the top, as a lariat necklace would do. The different number of beads, up to nine elements, always conveys a sense of verticality, whether you choose a large version or a small version.


Just like a jewel, the bright ceramic elements are organized in a vertical series that forms a varied and colorful chain.
This chain progresses while alternating geometries until it reaches the most important element that contains the lighting element.
Lariat is available in different versions and variants, creating different lengths and types of use, all made up of small ceramic beads with polished enameling and fresh and contemporary colors.


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