A mono-block LED lamp that visually self-declare itself, easy to understand, where all the parts are extremely clear and recognizable. The technology used to produce the body is metal sand casting, because it generates a complete part and allows cost reduction. The lamp shade is intentionally quite small, because I wanted to stress the fact that new light sources can be really tiny and allow a reduction in term of space , I wanted to make clear that I started designing with the source in mind, instead of taking a volume and fill it with a random light element.

The lamp has been designed for Edition of Nine exhibition in Ventura Lambrate, and it involved DalBianco foundry for the lamp body and Check-Up Spa for the electronic, a special array LED that produce a light comparable for colour and intensity to a small halogen bulb (the point was avoiding the cold light usually emitted by LEDs)

The lamp was exhibited as part of Edition of Nine exhibition, organized in Ventura Lambrate by Something Good, an organization I co-founded together with friends and colleagues Zaven (Enrica Cavarzan + Marco Zavagno) and Matteo Zorzenoni.


Photo courtesy: Giuliano Koren