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Bent plywood stool
Personal satisfaction

Why Offset?

Offset features an atypical production process that, instead of milling a big slab of wood, uses twelve bent plywood strips assembled transversally so to maximize stiffness.
Once paired all the strips, the operator mill the border, obtaining a rounded silhouette. Basically, the final object is obtained through a subtractive process.
Presented in Milan, 2010, Offset was heavily covered by many magazines, books and even catalogues, so I’m quite proud of it.

The repetition of the basic module and the multiple veneer layers produce an offset pattern, hence the name.

Finishing is a process too!

Ideally, the painting process happens before the seat is planed, so the operation removes the previously applied paint. As a result, the seat shows the plywood pattern. I didn’t feel ashamed of plywood. I mean, it’s not solid wood, but it has its own dignity as a material.




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