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Ceramic split wall lamp

The first briefing Karman sent me was quite clear: designing a wall lamp that could fit the ironic inclination of the brand but meanwhile be seen as a classic archetypal lamp.

After some research I decided to elaborate on the typical placement many bedroom wall lamps have, that is been placed symmetrically aside of the bed itself. I wanted to make those two elements connected somehow, even if they were disjoined, and started to think about divided objects we’re all familiar with. Many different items popped out, but the most convincing one was the “sawed assistant” illusionist’s trick.

The lamp is made of raw ceramic; important, because it cuts reflections and gives the whole character the visual features of a statue, while warming its surfaces.

Light source is LED based, and great efforts have been spent in order to pack all the electronic in an easy-to-install box without compromising nor the light quality, or the source efficiency and reliability over time.


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