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Hanging lamp

The ingenuity of a rattling cover for pumpkins


The phytomorphic inspiration is often pivotal when designing for a certain mood and environment, and Afoxé is surely a good example. Its rounded and smooth surfaces have a strong natural appearance, while the central symmetry gives rhythm to the whole shape.

Interestingly, the afoxé is an african-brazilian percussive instrument made out of a pumpkin, carved and covered with a rattling mesh used to mark the beat of traditional songs. I liked the shape because it’s so obvious and clearly stated.

In contrast with the usual Ferroluce production, we decided to experiment a new material: indeed, Afoxé is made out of a solid ceramic shell, but in the smaller size it’s available in glass too. I imagined the delicate surfaces with the regular ribs along the vertical axis could generate a denser area while blowing the glass mass and produce an interesting refraction effect. It was true: the different thickness of glass convey the idea of a floating bubble that enriches the perception of light itself.

Smaller lamps can be arranged in clusters

The surfaces are compressed between the great fluidity of the curved silhouette and the rigidity of the vertical cuts.

A generously sized suspension lamp can fill the stage

The variable thickness of vitreous mass deforms the light and convey a lens-like effect.



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