BUNDLED is a range of furniture born from a research in fibers made in 2011 while deepening the use of natural composite fiberboards. The material used is a special cotton fiberboard, normally rigid and stiff, usually used for insulation in electronic appliances (it’s used as a support for guitars’ electric pickups) or as a gap-filler


A mono-block LED lamp that visually self-declare itself, easy to understand, where all the parts are extremely clear and recognizable. The technology used to produce the body is metal sand casting, because it generates a complete part and allows cost reduction. The lamp shade is intentionally quite small, because I wanted to stress the fact


Using reflection to cast indirect light onto the desk. This is what Achille Castiglioni thought for its Gibigiana lamp. His lamp is roughly an empty cone, into which the bulb is placed while, on the top, an adjustable tilting mirror reflects the light. In the same way, Aquilles reflects the light casted by a bulb


The lamp was born thinking about torches and their exaggerated technical appearance. I’d have loved creating a torch someone wouldn’t close in a drawer, and with Bosa we thought about an hybrid you could hang as well like a normal suspension lamp.