Japanese shinto shrines are introduced by huge gates, made in wood, called Torii. They’re characterized by some basic, linear elements assembled in a firm and solid way, and their columns are often tapered. This chair is somehow near to the structure of the gate, since almost every part is lathed with a precise angle to


Modular room divider. The extremities of the modules can be fixed together, creating a 3D mesh you can attach to others to create large systems. The material choosen is an organic vegetable fiber pressed and sprayed with natural latex, even if another version has been successfully tried, made in felt (cheaper, but equally working). This


Bent plywood stool. A large plywood sheet get bent and cut in bars. These bars get screwed together with three milled legs, so the structure is solid and steady. The stool, can be shipped in a very small package, and it’s painted everywhere but the seat area, to show how it’s built. Its particular production


Atlas is a rotational moulded bench designed for Slide Design, intended for indoor as well as outdoor use. I started thinking about smokers: since smokers act in Europe, pubs and bars don’t allow smokers to smoke inside public buildings, so it’s full of people smoking just outside the door. And often, the preferred seat or