BUNDLED is a range of furniture born from a research in fibers made in 2011 while deepening the use of natural composite fiberboards. The material used is a special cotton fiberboard, normally rigid and stiff, usually used for insulation in electronic appliances (it’s used as a support for guitars’ electric pickups) or as a gap-filler for┬áplumbing items (O-shaped rings for pipes and similar). When wet, the fiber become easily bendable, with a behaviour similar to leather, easy to model, bend, drill or else. But once dried again it shrinks a bit, regaining its original stiffness and even more. The process couldn’t be repeated with the same effects, because stretched fibers won’t shrink anymore. The fiber is also flame retardant and the best test was making two table lamps lit by some nice and warm halogen bulbs (which provides a good light quality but reaches higher temperatures than the fluorescent bulbs’).

Structurally, the stools are obtained by bending the upper part of the originating cylinder in the way you would made a wrapping for a present (hence the name) and despite their weight (they weight as little as 400 grams) they can bear a man standing with his feet on the seat. Then, exploiting the shrinkage the material undergoes when drying, the table are obtained by placing a metal disc with the same diameter of a soaked cylinder: the fiber shrinks around the plate and encapsulate it in a specific position.

Moreover, since the fiber it’s made with a high percentage of cotton, it can be dyed as you would do with a cloth. Needless to say, the fiber is completely natural, so its lifecycle is virtually endless.