Designer, art director, professor, design editor, entrepreneur, GB is known as one of the most eclectic players on italian design stage. Since his graduation (obtained at IUAV, with a pioneering dissertation about LEDs in domestic decorative lighting) and through the experience acquired working for Foscarini, he kept researching in the field of lighting design; in 2012 this know-how led him to be appointed Art Director of world-famous and historical design firm FontanaArte, acquired by Nice SpA. After three years, the company was totally reshaped and pulled to its strong heritage, a rebirth somebody defined “best relaunch ever”.
Over the years, while working for many brands as a design strategic consultant, GB kept designing and researching around material, processes and technologies.
Deemed one of the most prominent italian designers of the noughties, in 2012 he co-founded SomethingGood, a design firm he runs together with his partners Zaven (Marco Zavagno and Enrica Cavarzan) and Matteo Zorzenoni selling high-quality, handcrafted products locally made in Italy, to promote italian traditional craftsmanship and know-how. Frequently showcased into by press around the world and design exhibitions (including MoMA, Triennale di Milano, and many others), he also teaches in many design schools, holding workshops, lectures or postgraduation courses.