A seat at the shrine

Japanese shinto shrines are introduced by huge gates, made in wood, called Torii. They’re characterized by some basic, linear elements assembled in a firm and solid way, and their columns are often tapered. This chair is somehow near to the structure of the gate, since almost every part is lathed with a precise angle to ensure a visual dynamism and lighten the whole chair, while reducing waste. The backrest is built to be anchored to the seat and fixed to the rear leg through some wooden pegs. The chair was designed for Edition of Six exhibition, at Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Design Week 2011, and was crafted by LaVeneta, a woodworking company having a great know-how in traditional techniques (but in 5-axis cnc milling machines as well).
The chair went then in production with CB2, the contemporary sub brand of american Crate & Barrel.