Lorem Ipsum Platypus

When in 2016 I was asked WoodyZoody, a soon-to-be italian brand producing small animals in very precious woods exploiting high skilled woodworker, the briefing was clear: choosing an animal from the environment the wood was born into and stylize it accordingly to production techniques, that is turning and milling. The wood they assigned me was Silky Oak, a wonderfully textured wood coming from Australia, and my imagination immediately went to Duckbill (Ornitorinco, in Italian). The result is this cutie Platypus, which is imho the real proof life defeats every preconceptions and limits.

WoodyZoody collection was launched in Milan in 2016 and featured a huge list of designers and friends: Federico Angi, Francesco Faccin, Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti, Lanzavecchia&Wai, Lorenz+Kaz, Elia Mangia, Giacomo Moor, Lorenzo Palmeri, Matteo Ragni and Paolo Ulian. In 2017 the collection was enriched by a new entry: Formafantasma.