Tan lines

During my career I’ve often bumped into some very nice companies, offering great services, providing design assistance and producing amazing materials. The latter, especially. And this is the case: in 2010 I’ve been working with a company specialized in producing fibers suitable for outdoor use, namely fabrics used in sunbeds. Additionally, the company collected also worn out fabrics by its clients, replacing them and using the used fabric for different uses after a proper cleaning and treatment. Very often, the used fabrics were really as brand new, and the only downturn was they were less resistant when pulled (but if you have experience in sunbeds, you probably know the fabric you lean on must be quite resistant).
That’s why I used this fabric to create the cushioning system for a frame I designed. Actually, this is one of the few stackable armchairs suitable for outdoor use, and I think it’s quite good looking and comfortable: ready to be used in the beaches and shores all around the world (where shore in italian is riviera, hence the name.