Holly G

While directing FontanaArte, I designed this lamp with the purpose of creating a table lamp with good interaction and cleaning it from any cable, rods and inner components usually seen in transparent bodies. Did you ever notice table lamps with a glass body usually have that horrible rod inside of it, so the cables can run up to the bulbs? Well, I really hate the fact you can’t hide the hardware, so I wanted to overcome this.
The first thing was to relocate the source: I put an LED in the base and put a big hat on the top of a transparent support in order to bounce the light down. But the typical emission of an LED source is not exactly narrow: the cone of light was so big that the most part of the light escaped the reflector. So together with a specialized company we created a special emitter using optical condensers and lenses so the beam shrank to an amazing 8°.
This way, light pass through the empty body completely unseen until it hit the reflector and bounce back on the table. This reflector is balanced on a spherical part so it can tilt to direct light toward a desired spot.
This lamp has been presented by FontanaArte during Euroluce2015 but its production has been discontinued, so if you own one you probably have a collector’s item!