Organic shapes are a constant source of inspiration because they often show the most obvious solution to a structural problem: natural patterns generates through an additive process that can be easily applicable to handcrafted productions so, especially today, they’re quite actual. Moreover, they help designers in obtaining consistent decorative features without being arbitrary.

Caged glass is all about surface reticulation, so I researched around this topic and found out that shells may have been a valid example. Specifically in turtles, shells reticula are quite similar to the metal cage, a more rigid frame under which the rest of the shell expands. The lamp I designed for Siru follows exactly the same generative approach, starting from a simple hexagonal shape, then expanding it parametrically and wrapping the whole pattern into a very basic solid, a simple sphere like the curved and almost spherical shells of testudo turtles.

That’s how Galapagos was born.

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