I’ve been invited by Chiara Alessi, who’s curating the contemporary collection for the next Triennale Design Museum, to exhibit a project during the exhibition, and I decided to design a specific object for this event, a project that could speak about me and my work as a designer.
For this reason, I decided to design a brand new lighting object, because it’s the environment I mostly belong to, and to use glass, because it’s the most fascinating material I’ve been working with so far. The result is Cartesiana, a lamp where all the important structural parts are exaggerated and emphasized in size, so to be semantically evident. The three multilayered glass spheres are placed along the three axis, hence the name, and the top sphere is the one emitting light. The metal frame is chromed and the colour palette is milky white, silk grey and tobacco (more colour combinations coming soon).

Cartesiana has been entirely conceived, crafted and assembled in Italy, and the glass parts have been mouth-blown by Vetrarti, one of the most skilled glass workshop in Venice area. 

The product will be on show at the Triennale Design Museum from April 13th 2018 to 20th January 2019 and is available for sell here.